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  • Solid Copper Gasket
    Solid Copper Gasket

    High quality Solid Copper Gasket from professional China Solid Copper Gasket manufacturer - Ningbo Kaxite Sealing Materials Co., Ltd.

  • Copper Exhaust Gasket
    Copper Exhaust Gasket

    High quality Copper Exhaust Gasket from professional China Copper Exhaust Gasket manufacturer - Ningbo Kaxite Sealing Materials Co., Ltd.

  • Copper Head Gasket
    Copper Head Gasket

    High quality Copper Head Gasket from professional China Copper Head Gasket manufacturer - Ningbo Kaxite Sealing Materials Co., Ltd.

  • OFHC Copper Gaskets
    OFHC Copper Gaskets

    High quality OFHC Copper Gaskets from professional China OFHC Copper Gaskets manufacturer - Ningbo Kaxite Sealing Materials Co., Ltd.

  • Oxygen Free Copper Gaskets
    Oxygen Free Copper Gaskets

    High quality Oxygen Free Copper Gaskets from professional China Oxygen Free Copper Gaskets manufacturer - Ningbo Kaxite Sealing Materials Co., Ltd.



    No. Catalogue Download Type
    1.Standard Spiral Wound Gasket.pdf
    2.Nuclear Spiral Wound Gasket.pdf
    3.Spiral Wound Gasket for Heat Exchangers.pdf
    4.Non-rounded Spiral wound Gaskets.pdf
    7.Exhaust Spiral Wound Gaskets.pdf
    8.Pure Expanded Graphite Gasket.pdf
    9.Graphite Gasket Reinforced With Metal Foil.pdf
    10.Graphite gasket reinforced with metal mesh.pdf
    11.Tanged Metal Reinforced Graphite Gasket.pdf
    12.Oval Ring Joint Gasket.pdf
    13.Octagonal Ring Joint Gasket.pdf
    14.RX Ring Joint Gasket.pdf
    15.BX Ring Joint Gasket.pdf
    16.Lens Ring Joint Gasket.pdf
    18.Stamping Jacket Gasket.pdf
    19.Corrugated Gaskets.pdf
    20.Kammprofile Gasket with Integral Outer Ring.pdf
    21.Kammprofile Gasket with Loose Outer Ring.pdf
    22.Kammprofile Gasket Basic Style.pdf
    23.Solid Copper Gasket.pdf
    24.Copper Exhaust Gasket.pdf
    25.Copper Head Gasket.pdf
    26.Pure PTFE Gasket.pdf
    27.PTFE Envelope Gasket.pdf
    28.Expanded PTFE Gasket.pdf
    29.Modified PTFE Gasket.pdf
    30.Non-asbestos Rubber Gasket.pdf
    31.Mineral Fiber Rubber Gasket.pdf
    34.Cork Rubber Gasket.pdf
    35.Expanded PTFE Joint Sealant Tape.pdf
    36.Braided Graphite Tape.pdf
    37.Braided Graphite Tube.pdf
    38.Corrugated Graphite Tape.pdf
    41.Die-formed Ring.pdf
    42.Flexible Graphite Packing.pdf
    43.Graphite Packing Reinforced with Metal Wire.pdf
    44.Graphite Packing with Carbon Fiber Corners.pdf
    45.Graphite Packing With PTFE Impregnated.pdf
    46.Jacketed Graphite Packing.pdf
    47.Super Graphite Valve Packing.pdf
    48.High-temperature High-pressure Valves Special Graphite Packing.pdf
    49.Aramid Fiber Packing.pdf
    50.Graphite PTFE and Aramid Fiber in Zebra Braided Packing.pdf
    51.Graphite PTFE Packing with Aramid Fiber Corners.pdf
    53.Nomex Fiber Packing.pdf
    54.Nomex Fiber Packing With Rubber Core.pdf
    55.Spun Kevlar Packing.pdf
    56.White PTFE Packing with Aramid Corners.pdf
    57.Expanded PTFE Round Cord.pdf
    58.PTFE Filament Packing.pdf
    59.Pure PTFE Packing.pdf
    60.Pure PTFE Packing with Oil.pdf
    61.CGFO Packing.pdf
    62.Graphite PTFE Filament Packing.pdf
    63.Pure Graphite PTFE Packing.pdf
    64.Pure Graphite PTFE Packing with Oil.pdf
    65.Carbonized Fiber Packing.pdf
    66.Carbonized Fiber Packing with Graphite.pdf
    67.Carbon Fiber Packing.pdf
    69.Asbestos Packing with Graphite Impregnation.pdf
    70.Asbestos Packing with PTFE Impregnation.pdf
    71.Ceramic Fiber Packing.pdf
    72.Ceramic Fiber Packing with Graphite Impregnation.pdf
    73.Kynol Fiber Packing.pdf
    74.Glass Fiber Packing.pdf
    75.Glass Fiber Packing with Graphite Impregnation.pdf
    76.Acrylic Fiber Packing.pdf
    77.Acrylic Fiber Treated With Graphite.pdf
    78.PAN Fiber Packing.pdf
    79.PAN Fiber Packing Treated With Graphite.pdf
    80.PTFE Packing with Kynol Fiber Corners.pdf
    81.Cotton Fiber Packing with Graphite.pdf
    82.Cotton Fiber Packing with Grease.pdf
    83.Flax Packing with Grease.pdf
    85.Ramie Packing with Graphite.pdf
    86.Flexible Graphite Sheet.pdf
    87.Graphite Sheet Reinforced with Metal Foil.pdf
    88.Graphite Sheet reinforced with Tanged Metal.pdf
    89.Graphite Sheet with Metal Mesh.pdf
    90.Expanded PTFE Sheet.pdf
    91.Pure PTFE Sheet.pdf
    92.Modified PTFE Sheet.pdf
    95.Rubber Sheet.pdf
    96.Rubber Sheet Reinforce with Cloth.pdf
    97.Cork Rubber Sheet.pdf
    98.Cork Sheet.pdf
    99.Hard Mica Sheet.pdf
    100.Soft Mica Sheet.pdf
    101.Graphite tape for SWG.pdf
    102.PTFE Tape for SWG.pdf
    103.Corrugated Graphite Tape.pdf
    104.V Shape metallic tape.pdf
    105.Spool metallic strip for SWG.pdf
    106.Metallic Strip.pdf
    107.Pure PTFE Yarn.pdf
    108.Pure PTFE Yarn with Oil.pdf
    109.Multiple PTFE Filament Yarn.pdf
    110.Graphite PTFE Yarn.pdf
    111.Chinese GFO Yarn.pdf
    112.Expanded Graphite Yarn.pdf
    113.Graphite Yarn Wrapped With Wire Mesh.pdf
    114.Carbonized Fiber Yarn.pdf
    115.Spun Carbonized Fiber Yarn.pdf
    116.Carbon Fiber Yarn.pdf
    117.Kevlar Yarn.pdf
    118.Spun Kevlar Yarn.pdf
    119.Spun Nomex Yarn.pdf
    120.Ramie Yarn.pdf
    121.Acrylic Fiber Yarn.pdf
    122.Kynol Fiber Yarn.pdf
    123.Spun Kynol Fiber Yarn.pdf
    124.Ceramic Fiber Yarn.pdf
    125.Asbestos Yarn.pdf
    127.Ceramic Fiber Blanket.pdf
    128.Ceramic Fiber Board.pdf
    129.Ceramic Fiber Cloth.pdf
    130.Ceramic Fiber Paper.pdf
    131.Ceramic Fiber Rope.pdf
    132.Ceramic Fiber Tape.pdf
    133.Ceramic Fiber Yarn.pdf
    134.Dust Free Asbestos Cloth.pdf
    135.Dust Free Asbestos Rope.pdf
    136.Dust Free Asbestos Tapes.pdf
    137.Dust Free Asbestos Yarn.pdf
    138.Dusted Asbestos Cloth.pdf
    139.Dusted Asbestos Rope.pdf
    140.Dusted Asbestos Tapes.pdf
    141.Dusted Asbestos Yarn.pdf
    142.Glass Fiber Sleeving.pdf
    143.Glass Fiber Blankets.pdf
    144.Glass Fiber Cloth.pdf
    145.Glass Fiber Rope.pdf
    146.Glass Fiber Tapes.pdf
    147.Glass Fiber Yarn.pdf
    148.Graphite Clothes.pdf
    149.Graphite Tapes.pdf
    150.Asbestos Gasket.pdf
    151.OFHC Copper Gaskets.pdf
    152.Oxygen Free Copper Gaskets.pdf
    153.OFHC Copper Gaskets for CF Flanges.pdf
    154.Hand Cutter For Soft Gaskets.pdf
    155.Packing Tool Set.pdf
    156.Spot welder.pdf
    157.Double Knives Cutting Machine.pdf
    158.Moulding Machine For Eyelet Gasket.pdf
    159.Eyelets Wrapping Machine.pdf
    160.Double Jacketed Gasket Machine.pdf
    161.Kammprofile Gasket Machine.pdf
    162.Automatic Ring Bending Machine for SWG IR and OR.pdf
    163.Vertical Automatic Ring Bending machine for SWG inner and outer ring.pdf
    164.Grooving Machine For SWG Outer Ring.pdf
    165.Angling Machine For SWG Inner Ring.pdf
    166.Polishing Machine For SWG Ring.pdf
    167.Ring Bending Machine.pdf
    168.Metal Ring Bender.pdf
    169.Slitting Machine for SS Hoop.pdf
    170.Pre-Shaping Machine For SWG SS Stri.pdf
    171.Automatic Spiral Wound Gasket Winding Machine.pdf
    172.Automatic Winding Machine For Spiral Wound Gasket.pdf
    173.Semi-Automatic Horizontal Big Size Winder.pdf
    174.Vertical Semi-Automatic Winding Machine For SWG.pdf
    175.Winding Machine For Small Size SWG.pdf
    176.Medium Size Semi-Automatic Winding Machine.pdf
    177.Manual Vertical Big Size Winding Machine For SWG.pdf
    178.Air Tightness Testing Machine.pdf
    181.Compressibility & Recovery Testing Machine.pdf
    182.Gasket Performance Comprehensive Test Machine.pdf
    183.Creep Relaxation Tester.pdf
    184.Packing Cutting Knife.pdf
    185.Guillotine Packing Ring Cutter.pdf
    186.Injection Gun.pdf
    187.Gasket Cutter.pdf
    188.Gasket Punch Set.pdf
    189.Black Rubber Sheet.pdf
    190.Black Rubber Sheet With Cloth Insert.pdf
    191.Nitrile Rubber Sheet.pdf
    192.Styrene-Butadiene Rubber Sheet.pdf
    193.Neoprene Rubber Sheet.pdf
    194.Ethylene Propylenediene Rubber Sheet.pdf
    195.Ethylene Propylene Diene Rubber.pdf
    197.Fluorine Rubber Sheet.pdf
    198.Oil-Resisting Rubber Sheet.pdf
    199.Cold & Heat-Resisting Rubber Sheet.pdf
    200.Acid & Alkali-Resisting Rubber Sheet.pdf
    201.Insulating Rubber Sheet.pdf
    202.Fire-Resistance Rubber Sheet.pdf
    203.Food Grade Rubber Sheet.pdf
    204.EPDM Rubber Sheet.pdf
    205.NBR Rubber Sheet.pdf
    206.SBR Rubber Sheet.pdf
    207.FPM Rubber Sheet.pdf
    208.FR Rubber Sheet.pdf
    209.Non-Asbestos Latex Paper.pdf
    210.Asbestos Latex Sheet.pdf
    211.Non-Asbestos Jointing Sheets.pdf
    212.Acid-Resistance Rubber Sheets.pdf
    213.Asbestos Rubber Sheet with wire net strengthening.pdf
    214.Asbestos Rubber Sheets.pdf
    215.Oil-Resistance Asbestos Rubber Sheets.pdf
    216.Anticorrosion Tape.pdf
    217.Protective Tape.pdf
    218.Joint Wrap Tape.pdf
    219.Paint Priming.pdf
    220.Basalt Fiber Yarn.pdf
    221.Basalt Fiber Rope.pdf
    222.Basalt Fiber Tape.pdf
    223.Basalt Fiber Cloth.pdf
    224.Basalt Fiber Sleeving.pdf
    225.Tri-Clover Gasket.pdf
    226.EPDM Tri Clover Gasket.pdf
    227.Tri Clover EPDM Gasket.pdf
    228.Silicone Tri Clover Gasket.pdf
    229.Tri Clover Rubber Gaskets.pdf
    230.Viton Tri Clover Gaskets.pdf
    231.PTFE Tri Clover Rubber Gasket.pdf
    232.Tri Clover Gaskets PTFE.pdf
    233.8 Carrier Square Braider with 2 Orbits.pdf
    234.18 Carrier Square Braider with 3 Orbits.pdf
    235.24 Carrier Square Braider with 4 Orbits.pdf
    236.32 Carrier Square Braider with 4 Orbits.pdf
    237.Simple Semiautomatic Inverted Braider.pdf
    238.Economical Semiautomatic Inverted Braider.pdf
    239.Advanced Semiautomatic Inverted Braider.pdf
    240.Packing 2 Rolls Calender.pdf
    241.Packing 4 Rolls Calender.pdf
    242.Packing Calender & Packing Winder.pdf
    243.Simple Packing Winder.pdf
    244.Station Bobbin Winder For Packing.pdf
    245.Black Rubber Gaskets.pdf
    246.Black Rubber Gasket With Cloth Insert.pdf
    247.Nitrile Rubber Gaskets.pdf
    248.Styrene-Butadiene Rubber Gaskets.pdf
    249.Neoprene Rubber Gaskets.pdf
    250.Ethylene Propylenediene Rubber Gaskets.pdf
    251.Silicone Rubber Gaskets.pdf
    252.Fluorine Rubber Gaskets.pdf
    253.Oil-Resisting Rubber Gaskets.pdf
    255.Acid & Alkali-Resisting Rubber Gaskets.pdf
    256.Insulating Rubber Gaskets.pdf
    257.Fire-Resistance Rubber Gaskets.pdf
    258.Food Grade Rubber Gaskets.pdf
    259.Flexible PTFE Tube.pdf
    260.Molded PTFE Tube.pdf
    261.Molded PTFE Rods.pdf
    265.Carbon Filled PTFE Rod.pdf
    269.PTFE Skived Sheet.pdf
    270.Molded PTFE Sheet Gaskets.pdf
    272.PTFE Tubing.pdf
    273.PTFE Rod.pdf
    274.PTFE Resin Moded Sheet.pdf
    275.PTFE Thread Seal Tape.pdf
    276.PTFE Gasket.pdf
    277.Filled PTFE Article.pdf
    278.PTFE Adhesive Tape.pdf
    279.PTFE Extruded Tubing.pdf
    280.PTFE Diaphragm.pdf
    281.PTFE Bearing Slide.pdf
    282.PTFE Heat Exchanger.pdf
    283.FEP Tubing.pdf
    284.PTFE Insulation Articles.pdf
    285.PTFE Graduate.pdf
    287.Polyimide Article.pdf
    288.Compound O-Ring.pdf
    289.PTFE Flexible Coupling.pdf
    290.PTFE Steel-plastic Component Pipe.pdf
    291.Soft Fibration PTFE Sealing Sheet.pdf
    292.PTFE Micro Porous Filtration Tube.pdf
    293.PTFE Special Sealing Ring For Filter Plant.pdf
    294.FEP Special Parts.pdf
    295.PTFE Fittings.pdf
    296.Devlon Ball Valve Seat.pdf
    297.PTFE Accessories For Printing And Dyeing Mechanical Equipments.pdf
    298.PTFE Micropore Gas.pdf
    299.PTFE Micropore Membrance.pdf
    300.PTFE Modified Material.pdf